E-Book Helpful Links and Questions

What is the TAMU-SA E-Book Program?

Texas A&M University-San Antonio (TAMU-SA has an institutional E-Book program in which approximately 40% of the courses offered utilize a university e-book. A professor can elect to adopt a custom university e-book, which will result in students being required to use the designated content for that specific course. Any student who enrolls in a course that requires a university e-book will be charged an e-book fee in the overall tuition and fees

How do I access my E-book?

Each semester you should access the E-Book for your course through Blackboard first by entering in your K# and password. Select the course that has an E-Book. On the left hand navigation pane within the Blackboard course, click on the 'E-Book' link. Next, you will click on the E-Book name on the middle of the page to open your E-Book

Do I need to set up a new account through VitalSource in order to access my books?

First time users to VitalSource will need to set up a new account. This will automatically occur when you log into Blackboard and click on the E-Book link. *Please note that in order for your textbooks to show up on your Bookshelf, you must create an account first. Do so at: http://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/user/registration 

What features do my online E-books have?

The features offered are online highlighting and note taking. You can also search for key terms and topics. Learn how here:  http://downloads.vitalbook.com/tutorials/publish/index.html?did=generic 

Why is my e-book access expiring?

This happens because VitalSource and Pearson automatically give you two-week temporary access in anticipation for the add/drop period. Simply log back in to Blackboard and relaunch your e-book to regain access to your book in Bookshelf.

Can I print pages from my E-Book?

Yes! You can print up to 10 pages of your E-Book at one time. Your best option is to download the VitalSource Bookshelf application for you PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android at: https://support.vitalsource.com/hc/en-us/articles/201344733-Bookshelf-Download-Page in order to print like-book pages

Can I have my book printed for me?

Yes! Please refer to the E-Book Print options link on the right

How do I navigate within my e-book?

See more information https://support.vitalsource.com/hc/en-us/articles/203884043-Navigating-the-Bookshelf-Reading-View

Why is my book expiring soon?

VitalSource Bookshelf automatically adds a two-week temporary license to coincide with the add/drop period. Once the last day to drop your courses has passed, simply log in to Blackboard and relaunch your e-book to add the book to your bookshelf once more.