Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy 

 Deadlines for 2021-2022

An appeal must be filed by the appropriate deadline in order for your request to be considered. Please allow 10-15 business days for appeal decisions.

  • Fall semester                               August 4, 2021 (September 3rd Extension)
  • Spring semester                           January 7, 2022
  • Summer semester                        May 27, 2022

**Special Exception due to COVID-19 for summer 2020 payment period (2019-2020) and summer 2021 payment period (2020-2021) SAP ineligible students.

TAMU-SA understands that students experienced a hardship during the spring 2020 semester and ongoing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and will make every effort in assisting students for a subsequent semester of enrollment.

Students not meeting SAP at the ending of a spring (COVID-19 affected) semester will be eligible to redeem their status for a following summer (COVID-19 affected) semester only. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships will follow previous policy mentioned in section 12.3 with the exception that students not meeting SAP after spring evaluations will be notified via JAGWIRE of the following exclusion.

  1. The OSFAS will re-calculate ineligible student’s SAP statuses at the ending of a summer semester to see if students qualify for continuing aid. Students who are not meeting SAP at the ending of the summer semester, will be ineligibleto receive aid for the subsequent semester and notified via JAGWIRE a SAP Appeal Application and documents will be required.

The COVID-19 SAP exception related to the quantitative component continues to apply for the payment periods noted above. This includes a summer 2020 payment period that is attached to the 2019-20 award year (i.e., a trailer) and a summer 2020 payment period that is attached to the 2020-21 award year (i.e., a header).

As stated above, TAMU-SA is required to review each students SAP status at the ending of a spring semester. During the review for spring 2020 and spring 2021, students may initially be identified as not meeting an eligible SAP status due to Pace of Completion (credit hours completed/credit hours attempted). The CARES Act allows institutions to exclude from the quantitative component (pace measurement) of satisfactory academic progress (SAP) attempted credits from which a student withdrew after March 13, 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 national emergency. However, an institution must have reasonably determined that the student’s failure to complete those credits was the result of a COVID-19 related circumstance. As a result, Texas A&M-San Antonio (TAMU-SA) has developed these procedures and a modified SAP policy to assist students through this process and re-establish financial aid eligibility for their next semester of enrollment.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards ensure that a student is successfully completing their coursework to continue receiving financial aid. All students receiving financial aid are required to meet SAP standards.

Federal regulations require Texas A&M -San Antonio to establish, publish, and apply standards to monitor financial aid recipients’ progress toward completing their degree program. If the student fails to meet the published SAP standards, the student will be placed on financial aid suspension. Financial aid recipients’ academic performance must meet all of the SAP standards which are:

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative Texas A&M -San Antonio GPA of 2.0 as an Undergraduate and 3.0 GPA as a Graduate
  • Completion of at least 67% of your attempted coursework
  • Attempted credit hours do not exceed the maximum limit which is 180 attempted credit hours as an Undergraduate and 54 attempted credit hours as a Graduate

SAP standards are evaluated at the end of every spring semester for all students. Students should check their SAP status each semester on JagWire.

Students must have achieved at least a minimum cumulative Texas A&M- San Antonio GPA in order to remain eligible for financial aid. The GPA requirements are indicated in the below table.

Texas A&M University- San Antonio

GPA Requirements

Degree or Certificate

Minimum Cumulative Texas A&M- SA GPA



Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certificate




All students must complete a minimum of 67% off all coursework attempted, which includes transfer hours and courses for which you received no financial aid, as well as courses attempted under academic Fresh Start.  Hours that are considered attempted but not completed with regards to the financial aid SAP policy are:

CR (credit), F (failed), FN (failed, never attended), I (incomplete), IP (in progress for thesis- only counts in attempted), NC (no credit), NG (no grade), Q (withdrawal), QE (withdrawal identifier for Senate Bill 1231) or QI (withdrawal identifier for Senate Bill 1231), W (withdrawal), WS (withdrawal identifier for Senate Bill 1231), and WX (withdrawal identifier for Senate Bill 1231).  

All of the grade’s classifications will also be included as part of the attempted hours and completion rate calculations.

Students are expected to complete their degree within a maximum number of attempted hours. 

Maximum Attempted Credit Hours

Degree or Certificate

Maximum Attempted Credit Hours



Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certificate




All attempted hours, including hours attempted at other institutions, and hours for which you received no financial aid, are assessed.  Under federal regulations, even hours that do not count towards your degree under the Academic Fresh Start program will be considered toward your maximum attempted hours limit.  In order to remain eligible for financial aid, you may not exceed the maximum hours limit for your degree program. Once a student maximizes the allotted credit hours, they are no longer eligible for financial aid.

A student may repeat a course, but cannot receive credit for the course more than once unless the course description in the catalog specifically provides that the course may be repeated for credit.  When a course is taken more than once from Texas A&M -San Antonio, the second grade (first repeat) and all subsequent grades (repeats) are included in the evaluation of all three components of SAP.    

Students enrolled in more than one institution under consortium agreements are subject to the home institution’s SAP policy. When Texas A&M -San Antonio is the home institution, credits earned at the host institution will be included in calculation of Financial Aid SAP standing and toward the 150% maximum timeframe credit limit.

Students who do not meet the minimum SAP requirements at the end of the spring semester are given an opportunity to file an appeal.  Appeals will only be approved if extenuating circumstances are shown to have been present during all periods of poor performance, and those issues are shown to have been resolved, and will no longer hinder academic pursuits.  Extenuating circumstances may include, but are not limited to, a death in the family, illness of a student or a student’s dependent, or other undue hardships that would reasonably prohibit a student’s academic success.  Circumstances are completely confidential, and will be evaluated by a staff member in the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships.  There is no guarantee of approval.

The following documentation must be submitted along with the Financial Aid SAP Appeal Form:

  • Provide a written personal statement that explains:
    • The factors contributing to lack of academic progress. It is assumed that each student appealing is dependent upon financial aid for the completion of his/her degree, so this explanation is not considered reason for approval. Do not discuss need for financial aid in their appeal, as this is not grounds for approval.
    • How personal circumstances changed so that they will no longer impede academic progress.
    • Measures being taken to ensure academic success in the future, such as a reduction in enrollment, utilizing tutoring, etc.
  • Attach supporting documentation to substantiate the reason(s) for the appeal (i.e. medical documentation, death certificates, obituaries, doctor’s notes etc.). SAP personal statements without corroborating documentation will be denied.
  • The completed Financial Aid SAP Appeal Form with the student’s handwritten signature (using a script font is not permissible).

If the student’s appeal meets all of the above requirements the student will be notified via Jagwire e-mail, and the student’s Academic Advisor will be notified.  The student must then arrange an appointment with their Academic Advisor in order to create an academic plan. The student must be able to meet the minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress policy, or complete their chosen degree program within a reasonable point in time with measurable milestones for each semester.  If this cannot be done, the request for an appeal will be denied.

Students should make payment arrangements with Student Business Services while their appeal is being reviewed to ensure that they do not get dropped for non-payment.  The student will be notified through JagWire email with the results of the appeal.

Financial Aid eligibility may be reinstated when the student has raised their academic standing to meet the SAP requirements on their own, however students must self-identify via the Financial Aid SAP Appeal Form in order to have be reviewed for potential reinstatement of federal and state financial aid. 

For more information on SAP, appeal applications, and/or suspensions please stop by the Welcome Center in person to speak with a financial aid representative or contact our office at or 210-784-1300.