Project Success Resources

Trellis Company is a nonprofit organization and trusted partner that works with Texas A&M University – San Antonio to help our students to be successful. Trellis contacts students on our behalf about important deadlines, announcements, financial resources, and other information. To protect your information, Trellis may ask you to confirm your identity using personally identifiable information. Trellis may remind you about forms or payments that are due to A&M-SA, but they will not request or accept anything from you directly.

ALL-NEW FAFSA/TASFA Hotline for A&M-SA students: Do you need help completing your 2022-2023 FAFSA/TASFA? If you are looking for guidance to complete your forms, please call (877) 845-9883 from Monday to Thursday from 8 ​AM - 6 PM and Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM.  

Cafe College Support

A member of Cafe College, Edgar Navarrette, is also located in the Welcome Center on campus. He offers free services to assist you on your path to college ​including information on college admissions, financial aid and scholarships and more! He's available for walk-ins on Tuesdays and both virtual or in-person ​appointments on Thursdays. Sign-up with the links below:

Online Resources

There are a variety of ways to learn about financial aid processing. Review the websites below for more information regarding pell grant, state funding, student loans, and scholarships. Additionally, you can find personal account information by reviewing the Personal Account Resources section. 

Federal and State Program Information

Federal and State
Program Information

Loan Resources

Scholarship Resources

Personal Account Resources

View your pell lifetime usage and loan history