A&M-San Antonio Institutional Review Board (IRB)


Review and approval process is subject to change.


IRB Forms

These forms are not listed in any special order. Please note, the office will not accept any older version of IRB forms.

IRB Protocol Application


 IRB Continuing Review


IRB Completion Report


Information Sheet Template


Informed Consent Template


 Protocol for Amendment

Signature Assurance

CITI Program

Please note, the office accepts CITI completion report, not the certificate.


 CITI Instructions - Institution affiliation must read:
"Texas A&M University-San Antonio"

CITI Program Registration for Students

CITI Completion Report Human Subject Research Example 

 CITI Completion Report Revised Common Rule Example

Important Reference Material

These links below are reference material and meant to assist with questions you may have about human subject research.

Informed Consent Checklist

IRB Report of Potential Non-Compliance

Protocol for Unanticipated Problems or Adverse Event Reporting 

The Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research 

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

More information regarding Human Subject Research visit HHS.gov


All Institutional Review Board inquiries must be emailed to irb@tamusa.edu