Welcome to Texas A&M University-San Antonio’s Institutional Biosafety Committee page!

All research conducted by Texas A&M University-San Antonio employees or students, involving any of the agents/materials listed below*, must be approved by the Texas A&M University-San Antonio Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) prior to initiation of the research:

Pathogens and potential pathogens of humans, animals or plants;
Materials potentially containing human pathogens (including human blood, tissue, and cell lines; non-human primate blood, tissue, and cell lines);

Recombinant DNA (and RNA) including the creation or use of transgenic plants and animals;
Select agents and toxins including strains and amounts exempted from the select agent regulations;

Any material requiring a Center for Disease Control import license or a United States Department of Agriculture permit.

*For a comprehensive list of agents/materials and additional information see FAQs tab to the right

Before starting work with rDNA or biohazardous materials, registration with the Institutional Biosafety Committee is required. Depending on the nature of the proposed research, approval may also be required by the  IACUC, and Institutional Review Board.

Submit an Application, Amendment, or Renewal 

The FORMS tab to the right will provide you with all of the forms you will need to submit a successful application for research involving: recombinant/synthetic nucleic acid molecules, infectious agents, select agents, and select toxins, nonhuman primate materials, genetically modified animals and whole plants or regulated plant pest of pathogens.

The MEMBERSHIP ROSTER tab will provide you with contacts should you have any questions while writing your proposal.

For dates for all submissions and committee meetings, see the CALENDAR tab.