Thank you for responding to the Texas A&M University-San Antonio Ring Ceremony celebration.  Below, please find some information you will need to know for the SPECIAL day.

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A: The event will take place at 2:00P.M. until 6:00P.M. Friday, november 6th and again from 9:00A.M. until 6:00P.M. Staurday and Sunday, november 7th and 8th. PLEASE bring a form of Idenification! Your Student ID is allowed

A: The attire for the event will range from business casual to business professional. *Please bring a form of Identification*

A: Yes, but there can only be a total of 10 people (including the recipient) in your group

**Should you or a family member require special arrangements, please contact a member of the Ring Ceremony Committee at or (210) 784-1452.

A: Every student will be photographed twice at the ring ceremony. Free proofs will be mailed and emailed within 2 weeks of the ceremony. If you have any questions, please contact Flash Photography at

A: You will view a special production highlighting the symbolism of the ring in the auditorium.  Your ring leader will guide you to your special moment on the university seal and 1st photo opportunity.  Next, you will be given a second photo opportunity to take in front of a special and fun JUMBO INFLATABLE ring!  Lastly, you will greeted by Alumni Affairs and the Office of Family Engagement as you leave the campus; they’ll have a special gift for the ring recipient. 

Due to crowd control – families are NOT allowed to stay on campus to take photos at other locations.  We ask that you plan to be on campus for no more than 30 minutes.

A: No. All participants of the Ring Ceremony must purchase the official class ring, which is sold exclusively through Herff Jones.

A: If you are unable to make the ceremony, you will have the opportunity to pick up your ring beginning Monday, Novemebr 9th, 2020, in the Office of Family and Transition Programs, Patriots' Casa room 105.  Please make arrangements here: (210) 784-1452.  *Please bring a form of Identification*

A: Please contact the Ring Ceremony Committee at or (210) 784-1452.

A: You are to check-in at the tables located on the sidewalk between the Auditorium and the cafeteria. Please arrive 1 hour prior to the start of the event. There, you will receive a card to fill out and hand to the person announcing your name on stage. The tables will be labeled alphabetically. You will be lined up alphabetically and you will be processed into the auditorium separately from friends and family. **PLEASE BRING YOUR I.D. (SCHOOL OR STATE), OTHERWISE, YOUR RING WILL NOT BE RELEASED TO YOU**

A: Doors open 30 minutes before the start of the event for family and friends only. You are more than welcome to wait inside the foyer of the auditorium, (Restrooms are located here) or outside of the auditorium, or inside the cafeteria.

A: You may send your questions to or by calling (210) 784-1452.