The Texas A&M University System is replacing various legacy mainframe payroll and human resource systems with one unified system called Workday.Workday Logo

The A&M-San Antonio will benefit from Workday’s intuitive, web-based applications with self-service and mobile capabilities. Workday is designed to work the way we work today and will help create a more nimble, process and data driven organization.

News & Updates

Workday will replace many of the current Single Sign-On applications. It will launch in December 2017 with the following modules: Compensation, Benefits, Payroll, Recruiting, Absence, Time Tracking, Reporting, Talent Management, and Performance Management.

Data Protection in the Cloud:  The Workday Way
Protecting and securing our customers’ data is fundamentally important to Workday. Privacy and security at Workday are not add-on features; they are embedded in our service and business model. All Workday, customers are always on the same version of our software. This enhances our ability to innovate and our ability to protect our customers’ data. We can respond to security threats quickly by pushing security updates to our entire customer base and ensuring common data handling standards. We also operate on a unified security model. This includes user access, system integration, reporting, mobile device, and IT access.

We’re committed to key security and privacy concepts that promote a secure, safe regulated environment:

  • Our customers own and control their data.
  • Data is encrypted when it is in transit and at rest in our persistent data store.
  • We are transparent about where and how customer data is processed.

If you have questions about Workday please contact A&M-San Antonio representatives:

Change Champion:

Lloyd Butler  (210) 784-2070

Project Coordinator:

Janice Parten  (210) 784-2061

Additional Campus Contact:

Patricia Morgan  (210) 784-2054