Other Academic Technologies

Below is a short listing of other academic technologies Faculty may be using in their classes. If you need additional help on these programs, please see the links to the tutorials below.  If you still have questions, please contact academic technologies, through the ITS help desk. 


Glogster is a way to create digital multimedia posters.  Unlike the traditional physical paper-based posters, Glogster allows you to link to YouTube Videos, music and audio recordings.  In addition to the multimedia component, Glogster also has a collection of themed animated gifs and clip art to include in your digital posters.  It's important to note, that there are two types of Glogster accounts - EDU and COM.  As part of the TAMU-SA community, we recommend using the EDU account.

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Kodu is a program created by Microsoft that will enable students to create games and facilitate game-based learning with little or no programming abilities. Kodu also allows students to design and create interactive stories and narratives.

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Movie Maker

Installed on every TAMU-SA computer, Movie Maker is a windows-based program used to create and edit videos.  Below is a listing of tutorials that you can use to help you as you create your videos.

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Microsoft Photo Story

Photo Story is a windows-based program that can allow users to create picture slide shows with narration and music.  This past Spring semester, Students used Photo Story to create digital stories for Professor Pam Massey's bilingual and classroom management education classes. To learn more about using Photo Story in your classroom, below are some links that you may find helpful.

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