Welcome to ITS Application Services

Application Services, a part of the Information Technology Services (ITS) group, implements and maintains the University's enterprise applications, providing innovative, customer-focused solutions that support the overall mission of the University and ITS.

We engage in small and large-scale projects, manage and protect institutional data, anticipate and respond to the needs of the academic community, and provide operational support to students, faculty, and staff for all the core university technologies.


In Confluence there is a JIRA FAQ page; item 7 explains how to create a new issue.

Anyone looking to change the level of access for themselves or a direct-report should use the Access Request JotForm in JagWire.

Are you looking to purchase a new product or service for your department / the University? Application Services is here to help! We will coordinate with you and the other ITS teams to address your needs and ensure the best possible outcome. For more information or questions, please contact Alana Crawford.


Upcoming Enterprise Application Outages

In an effort to minimize the impact of our system down-times, the Application Services team, in coordination with the University’s Cross-Functional Super User Group, helps maintain enterprise application entries on the campus System Status and Upcoming Changes/Outages page. In the event of a support emergency, we will send a service announcement to affected application users via campus email.