As an A&M - San Antonio Faculty or Staff member, there are a number of accounts that you'll need to take advantage of the services offered by the university. Some are issued and unique to A&M-SA and some are issued through the A&M University system.

A&M - San Antonio Issued Accounts

Campus Logon

A&M-SA Faculty and Staff are issued a unique logon identifier to access campus computing and network resources. This identifier is issued when you become an employee.

Numbers/Banner ID:

A&M-SA Faculty and Staff use a unique identifier to access Banner or to pay for services.  This number is issued when you become an employee.

Please Note: ITS staff are changing the A&M—San Antonio Banner ID (a.k.a. “K number”) for employees who started working at A&M—San Antonio prior to June 16th, 2016. The change consists of replacing the leading “K” or “J” letter with a “@” symbol. The rest of the Banner ID number remains unchanged.



A&M University System Issued Accounts

Universal Identification Number (UIN):

As a member of the A&M system, you will be assigned an Universal Identification Number (UIN).  This number will be provided by Human Resources, and will be required to access information such as TrainTraq and single-sign on. 


In order to communicate and use some of the electronic services provided through the A&M University system, you'll need to activate your NetID.  To activate your netID, please visit the A&M university system gateway website:

For instructions on how to activities your netID and tips on creating passwords, please visit the following site:

Please note, this service is provided through the A&M University System not through the A&M-San Antonio ITS helpdesk.