Below are some tips before, during and after taking tests/exams in Blackboard that may help you.

Before Taking the Test

  • Prepare your computer
  1. Use compatible browser-Firefox is recommended browser for taking tests in Blackboard (Free download - Please avoid using Internet Explorer if you can.
  2. Find a reliable computer with a reliable wired Internet connection.
  3. A high-speed Internet connection is recommended. We recommend using a wired connection especially for long exams or finals/midterms. If you do not have personal access to a computer, there are two computer labs on campus and the Library also has a collection of computer you can use.
  4. Turn off pop-up blockers. Pop -up blockers might block an exam from opening in Blackboard. Your instructor has the option of opening your exam w ithin Blackboard or in a new window. If the exam is set to open in a new window, your browser might treat it as a pop-up.
  5. Take a practice test- If your instructor has provided a practice test; make sure that you access it prior to the start date of your test on the computer you will be using for the exam in order to provide sufficient time to fix any problems that you may discover.

During the Exam/Test

  1. Close down all other programs running on your computer. Do not take a test with several other applications running in the background, such as movies, music, e-mail, or anything that is not required to run for the test.
  2. Set aside time in which you will be free from interruptions to take the test. Most tests can only be accessed once.
  3. Click only once on the link for the exam - do not double click or click on test link multiple times.
  4. Read the instructions for the test carefully:
  5. Each Blackboard test may be set up differently by your instructors. The options for each test will be listed at the top in the Instructions area. It is very important that you read your instructor's directions carefully. Some tests may be taken more than once , while others can only be taken once. Your instructor will inform you if the test can be taken more than once. Some tests may require that they be completed in one sitting (force completion), while some tests may allow you to complete one section, and then return to finish additional sections.
  6. Some tests may be timed. Your instructor will tell you if the test is timed and the time allotted.
  7. Some tests are all -at- once assessments, allowing you access to the entire test and move freely item to item (permits backtracking). Some tests are one-at-a-time assessments, showing only one question at a time, and you may not return to a previous question.
  8. Once you begin the quiz,do not click the Back, Forward or Refresh button on the browser itself. This can cause you to lose your Internet connection, as well as your test.
  9. Once you start the test, do not resize the browser window. Both of those actions will cause Blackboard to reload the quiz, which could also lead to a "duplicate attempt" problem.
  10. Only Single Click all the buttons in the test (Begin, Save, Next Question, Save All Answers (if available) and Save and Submit. It might take a few second for it to process so be patient!
  11. Click Submit, Next, or Save one time only! It may take a few minutes to receive confirmation or move to the next question. Clicking more than once can actually slow down the loading and cause test errors.
  • Essay Questions –
  1. Compose essay answers in MS Word and then copy and paste each answer into the text box of the Blackboard essay test. Please note that some formatting loss may occur, but you will have a backup of your answers.

Submitting Your Test Answers

  1. Click the Save button after each answer.
  2. Click the Submit button one time when you are finished with the test. It may take several moments for your test to be submitted, so do not click Submit more than once.
  3. Once your test is submitted, you will receive a confirmation that it was successfully submitted.
  4. Feel free to copy and paste that information for documentation purposes. Note: If you click the Save button, your test will be saved but not submitted.
  5. Always use the Logout button to conclude your sessions in Blackboard.
  6. If you experience issues with the Test, Contact your instructor immediately if you get locked out of a test during the allowed testing time, if you receive a message saying that you have already completed the test, or if you receive a message saying the test is still in progress.
  7. If your instructor resets the exam for you to take again, Blackboard will clear all previous answers and you must start from the beginning of the test. Only your instructor can reset the test.
  8. After successfully submitting your test, select Student Tools > My Grades, located on the left side of the page, to view your test score. However, if the test contained question types other than multiple choices , true/false, or matching, your test will need to be manually graded by your instructor before you can see your grade. Contact your instructor for details regarding grade availability
  9. The Review Submission history window will appear. Click this “OK” button to officially submit the document to the grade book. Please note: You have to click the “OK” button to confirm, or your document will not be uploaded.

Special thanks to Kent State for the content in this tutorial.

Coordinating Your Tests with Disability Student Services

If you need special considerations when taking an online exam/test, please contact or visit the Office of Disability Services.