International Student Address Update Submission

The OIA at Texas A&M University-San Antonio must always have your current U.S. residential address on file. If you change residential address anytime during your stay at this program, you must notify the OIA in writing within 10 business days of your new residential address and telephone number.

In addition, you are required by U.S. law (Sec. 256 of the Immigration and Naturalization Act (8 USC 13505) to report your U.S. residential address and telephone number by filing Form AR-11 or Form AR-11SR which can be found at: It is critical that you complete the correct form, obtain a copy for your records, and mail the original to the address listed at the bottom of the form. It is recommended that you mail this form by certified mail return receipt. Each person who is a non-U.S. citizen is required to submit this form so if you have family members in the U.S. who are non-U.S. citizens, each person (including minor children) must have this form on record with the USCIS.

We are also confirming that we have your most current address, phone number and personal email address in our records thus please fill the form.