Parking & Transportation Update #2

By University Communications

Thursday, 07 05 2018


Parking & Transportation Update #2

July 5, 2018

Members of the A&M-San Antonio Community:

We hope everyone is having a fantastic summer. With the start of the fall semester next month, we are sharing an update on the recent progress we've made along with some of the changes still to come regarding parking and transportation. This message also seeks to address feedback we received about our previous communications. All parking changes will go into effect August 1, 2018.

Please be sure to check out our new Parking & Transportation page! We will be updating the webpage with news and updates, as well as making improvements to the page based on feedback from students, faculty and staff.

New University Parking Lot Map

Below is a more detailed parking map for the fall, which is also available on the website:


Welcome Center Visitor Parking

We revisited the experience that students and parents have when they visit campus. Whether people come to campus for a quick tour or to get more information on our University, visits to our campus matter. So, we have designated 10 spaces along Verano Parkway, labeled on the map above, for Welcome Center guests. We will be working with the Welcome Center to make sure that a special, one-time parking pass is granted to anyone who parks in those spots to ensure that only Welcome Center guests are using these parking spaces.

Parking Permit Rate 

Below you will find more detailed parking permit price schedules split up between Student/Resident and Faculty/Staff.


Permit Type Expiration Date Purchase on Aug. 1 or later Purchase on Dec. 1 or later Purchase on May 1, 2019 or later
Student - Fall 2018 Dec. 31, 2018 $45
Resident - Fall 2018 Dec. 31, 2018 $45
Student - Academic Year 2018-19 Aug. 31, 2019 $90 $45 $20
Resident - Academic Year 2018-19 Aug. 31, 2019 $90 $45 $20


Permit Type Expiration Date Purchase on Aug. 1 or later Purchase on Dec. 1 or later Purchase on May 1, 2019 or later
Faculty/Staff - Fall 2018 Dec. 31, 2018 $50
Faculty/Staff - Fall and Spring 2018-19 May 31, 2019 $100 $50
Faculty/Staff - Fiscal Year 2018-19 Aug. 31, 2019 $120 $60 $20
  • Accessible parking spaces are available to all parties (students, employees and visitors) as long as they have a state-issued license plate or placard that is properly displayed and visible to the parking enforcement team. Students and employees are still required to purchase a University-issued permit.
  • If you have a motorcycle, you may purchase a fiscal/academic year permit for your respective classification (student, faculty or staff) and we will provide a motorcycle decal upon request.
  • The slip lanes along One University Way and Verano Parkway will remain free to park in for the time being. This could change in the future, as those spaces are owned by the City of San Antonio and we cannot control any changes they might make.

Parking & Transportation Department

The office for the new Parking & Transportation Department will be located in the Central Academic Building, Suite 117. This summer, we are remodeling the space to be service-ready for our campus community. The new location will be available for service on August 1, 2018. The Parking & Transportation Department will be open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Please see the map below for the location of the new department:


Additional Updates

We have met with VIA's executive team at VIA headquarters and have had a follow-up meeting with them on our campus to address students' needs and concerns. They are actively working on a few projects to better meet the needs of our campus community. We look forward to collaborating with them more during the school year. Check out their webpage for more information here.

If you would like to provide additional feedback or have a question about any parking or transportation related concerns, please direct all messages to Christian Harmon via email.