A&M-SA’s “wandering donkeys” land on front page of San Antonio Express-News

By University Communications

Monday, 08 06 2018

"I was a little upset that we landed below the fold, but the front page is the front page." Thus brayed one of the two beloved A&M-SA donkeys -- between mouthfuls of fescue and zoysia -- when he learned of his newfound fame. While the riveting article written by Vincent T. Davis in the July 21 issue of the San Antonio Express-News didn't quote the donkeys directly, it did tap into expert sources as diverse as Nan Palmero, associate director of marketing and communications, and Lynn Cuny, founder and president of Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation. This was the second time in less than a month that the campus-roaming Equus asinus had seized the public spotlight, following a social media expose on the University's Instagram page.