Clifford Crew '19 (Alumni)

By University Communications

Wednesday, 08 14 2019

Clifford Crews’19, accomplished a great deal and received some top honors during his time here at A&M-SA. From helping to establish a Veterans National Honor Society, to winning two prestigious awards, Crews took pride in his time here and it shows.

Crews received his first bachelor’s degree from the American Military University during his time in the Air Force. He retired from the military after twenty-two years and worked a new job, but found he wasn’t happy with what he was doing. After receiving the advice from a mentor to follow his passion, Crews decided to go back to school and pursue what he loved most, which was coaching and teaching.

He chose A&M- SA because they were a part of the A&M family. Crews admired how they worked with military students.

He took on full course loads each semester and got a job as a student worker in the Recreational Sports Department, where he organized intramural sporting events and recreational activities.  

Crews joined various student organizations and took on leadership roles. He was a member of NSLS, National Society of Leadership and Success. He served as student senator and associate justice for Student Government. He was President of Kappa Delta Pi and President of Salute, the Veterans National Honor Society, which he helped to establish.

“I was probably weird as a nontraditional student, because most nontraditional students, they go to class, they leave,” Crews said. “I didn’t get that college experience, and so I jumped in full bore.”

Some of his professors recognized his dedication and nominated him for the Outstanding Senior Award, an award which honors graduating seniors who have made significant contributions to A&M- SA through academic achievement, campus leadership and involvement, community service, honors and awards. He was also nominated for the Ring Award, a scholarship given to student leaders who positively impacted the university. Crews won both awards.  

He also enrolled in the one-year internship program during his clinical teaching year. The voluntary program is an agreement between certain San Antonio school districts and the university, which allows students the opportunity to work as paid teaching assistants. 

“You learn so much more, because you are there, not just as a student teacher, but you’re also there as a teaching assistant,” Crews said. “You are sitting in meetings with teachers, doing lesson planning and learning classroom management.”

Crews earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and received his teaching certificate. He got offered a job teaching seventh grade Texas History for the Seguin Independent School District, beginning in the 2019-2020 school year. He will also be coaching the middle school football, basketball and track teams.

He admits that he will miss A&M- SA. He became accustomed to all the time he spent on campus, all the people he met and the memories that were created. He encourages current and future students to never give up, and to push forward even when things get hard. And most importantly, to enjoy their experiences here.

“Realistically, I just want my legacy here on campus to be, that of somebody that embodies the audacious sprit that we have here on this campus,” Crews said.  “And then to be that person that promotes this university, going forward.”