Lloyd Butler (Staff)

By University Communications

Thursday, 10 10 2019

Meet Lloyd Butler, Executive Director of Budget & Payroll Services here at A&M-SA. He is responsible for overseeing the payroll process from start to end, making sure calculations are accurate and that employees are paid timely. On the budget side, he is responsible for putting together a budget that is fiscally responsible and monitoring that budget throughout the year.

Since childhood, Butler’s curiosity to understand how things work followed him through adulthood and helped pique his interest in finance.

He enrolled at Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK) as a finance major. Initially, Butler wanted to work for the railroad company, but his family was adamant about him earning a degree instead.

While at TAMUK, Butler worked in the payroll office under the University’s work-study program.  After a year, he transferred to Texas State University (TSU) where he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. While there, he had the opportunity to work in the accounts payable department.

“I think it goes back to problem-solving,” Butler said. “As you know, with numbers, there’s a big problem-solving aspect to what we do, especially on the budgeting side. And I am really driven from that point of view.”

Butler found his niche working in higher education and in 2009, he was given the opportunity to come to A&M-SA, to train employees on how to use the web-based system in the newly formed payroll office. He also helped to implement the first budget, the 2010 fiscal year budget here.

When Butler isn’t busy crunching numbers, he enjoys taking drives to New Braunfels for barbeques with his childhood best friend and visiting downtown Fredericksburg. His most favorite drive, however, is the drive back home to Kingsville, to spend time with his grandparents, who raised him.

“I like spending time with those I care about,” Butler said. “We don’t have to be doing much, just being there and hanging out.”