A&M-SA Birthday Wishes


Happy Birthday!

From: Mary Margaret Thompson

Happy birthday with many, many, blessed years to follow🎉🎈🎊💕

From: Roxanne Saunders


My wish for A&M-SA is that the university and all of its students can overcome any challenge which may be before them just as I have after setting foot here. This campus is truly a place of transformation.

From: Ernest D. Hernandez

Thank you Texas A&M San Antonio! Wishing you many more years! Class of 2013!

From: Marilic Pimentel

Happy 10 years, A&M-SA! My favorite moments have been congratulating every single graduate that has walked the stage!

From: Joni Foster


From: Melisa A.

Happy 10th Birthday! So proud of my alma mater! Many bright things to come for this wonderful institution.

From: Ramon Buruato


Happy 10th anniversary TAMUSA!!! I'm excited to see the next 10 years of evolution!

Class of 2019!

From: Abroadger Lipardo

Happy Birthday Texas A&M U SA Happy 10 years of bringing education to SA congratulations and Happy 10

From: Maria T. Cuellar

I am honored to have been a very small part of the first ten years of this great University. I cannot wait to see what is in store for TAMUSA for the next ten years. Happy Birthday!!!

From: Norman Langwell


Happy Birthday, TAMUSA!! Here's to 10 years of serving San Antonio and many more!!

From: alexandra Marquez


A wonderful Birthday Texas A&M-San Antonio, you’re looking great.

From: Jorge Garcia

Happy Birthday TAMUSA!!!!

From: Jeanette Castro

Happy Birthday Texas A&M University- San Antonio. It’s been a home away from home! 

From: Julianne Garcia

Happy birthday TAMUSA!!!

From: Michael Carrera

Happy 10 Year Anniversary TAMU-SA! I’m excited to see what this campus family achieves in the next 10 years.

From: LaShanna Cates

Happy 10th Birthday TAMUSA!! Can’t wait to see how big our campus will be!

From: Jenny Herrera

10 years — just the beginning!

From: GRK

Glad to be part of the University! Happy Birthday!

From: Lisa Tieken


Happy Birthday TAMUSA! I’m so proud that I got to be a part of the graduating glass of Spring 2019 all-while celebrating 10 years!

From: Bryana Villarreal


Happy Birthday TAMUSA.....

May you continue to cherish and value the knowledge taught, experiences provided and individual development of each Jag past,  present and future. Class of 2013.

From: Odell "Trey" Kelley

Happy 10th (double digits) Birthday TAMUSA! I could not have chosen a better university to start my higher-education career with than you! To another 10 years and many, many more accomplishments!

From: Catherine O'Brien


From: Naissa

Opportunity to make dreams come true are real and with Texas A&M University-San Antonio in the world.

From: Martha Saenz

From the portables at Palo Alto to here, it has been a personal journey for me. 13 years and have seen it all. Congratulations TAMUSA!!!

From: Cynthia Lee

From: Rosalinda Rodriguez 

Happy Birthday A&M SA. My husband was one of the first students to attend classes back when A&M first came to San Antonio. It is truly an honor to be attending and celebrating this wonderful milestone for A&M as well a for our community. Here's to another ten years and many more wonderful achievements.
From: Cleo Valdez-Alvarado

Happy 10 Years, A&M-SA! I remember when I was a student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and my mom sent me a SA Express News Article about how an A&M campus was coming to the south side! We were so excited because we knew that it would provide so many more opportunities for my brother, cousins, nieces and nephews who all live on this side of town. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to come "home" three years ago when I started working here and I feel so blessed to be a part of the legacy A&M-SA is leaving here.
From: Cristina Dominguez

Happy 10th birthday, TAMUSA!! I love this campus and I am so excited to see what the future has in store as it expands.
From: Alexis Dotson

Happy Birthday A&M- SA!! and many more years to come
From: Sara Salmon

Happy 10th Birthday TAMU-SA! A Big Thank You!
From: Patricia H. Harris

Happy Birthday!  Look forward to watching you grow! Excited to see the new addition to the TAMUSA family!
From: Jacinta Flores

Happy Birthday & may the Lord bless you with many more!!!
From: Evelyn Cortinez Garcia

Happy Ten Year Birthday to Texas A&M University-San Antonio!  Cheers to another 10 great years!
From: Jan Mundine

Happy Birthday, TAMUSA!!
From: Ramon Vara-Shanholtz

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From: Ana Gabriela Flores