Misty Ferrell

Education serves as a tower of hope in Misty Ferrell’s life, and she feels a deep personal connection to the Tower of Esperanza, the preeminent symbol of the University.

Through caring educators, she came to know Jesus Christ as her Lord, found liberation from a mindset of poverty and learned to be a creative problem solver. Viewing her teachers as parents, Misty chose to follow their example by earning a Baccalaureate in Interdisciplinary Studies with a 4-8 Generalist Teaching Certificate.

With the love and support of her husband and children, and immense personal dedication, Misty maintains a 3.8 GPA. Committed to helping others, Misty volunteers weekly at church and associated non-profits, in addition to being a member in several student organizations.

Misty plans to teach at a Title I school while she earns a Master of Science in reading. She believes students in Title I schools deserve highly qualified teachers who will teach them to read and think critically.