Concur Training Videos

Concur Training Videos 

Concur Training page 

New Concur UI Overview 


 Options for Uploading Receipts



Creating a Payment Card Report

Itemizing a Payment Card Expense

 Mark an Expense as Unallowable 

Travel Request

Create a Request for Domestic Travel


Adding Approver(s) to Request Workflow


Expense Report

Create an Expense Report with No Approved Request

Adding Expenses to a Report

Mark an Expense as Unallowable (Personal)

Approving an Expense Report

Acting as a Delegate 


Using Concur Mobile






Adding Payment Card Expenses to a Report

 Allocating (Splitting) a Payment Card Expense 

 Acting as a Delegate


 Create a Foreign Travel Request


Approve Travel Request



Create an Expense Report from an Approved Request 

Itemizing Expenses

Allocating (Splitting) an Expense

Reimbursing a Guest