The Faculty Senate shall be composed of individuals who are employed by Texas A&M University-San Antonio whose appointment to employment status was approved by the Provost of Texas A&M University-San Antonio and who

(a)    is tenured or on the tenure-track, or

(b)   holds the rank of Professor, Associate Professor, or Assistant Professor, or

(c)    holds the title of Librarian, Associate Librarian, or Assistant Librarian on any Texas A&M University-San Antonio campus.

Faculty Senate 2021-2022

President - Joseph Simpson
Vice President - Leonard Love
Secretary - Maria Acevedo-Aquino
Parliamentarian - Matthew Mangum


College of Arts & Sciences:

Department of Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences
Pride Abongwa
Bob Shelton

Department of Language, Literature, and Arts
Katherine Bridgman
James Finley (Marcos Del Hierro-Fall 2021)

Department of Communications and History
Sandra Lara
April Nanaj

Department of Social Sciences
Daniel Delgado
Thomas Beaumont

Department of Life Sciences
Ho Huynh
Megan Wise de Valdez

College of Business:

Department of Computing & Cyber Security
Zechun Cao
Brandon Earwood

Department of Management and Marketing
Leonard Love-Vice Pesident
Matthew Mangum-Parliamentarian

Department of Accounting
Keming Li
Gilbert Barrera

College of Education and Human Development:

Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Karen Kohler
Amanda Lindner

Department of Ed Leadership
Maria Acevedo-Aquino - Secretary
Sarah Katz

Department of Counseling & Kinesiology
Eunhye Kwon
Sabia de Vries

Kimberly Grotewold
Aida Almanza