Welcome to Jaguar Recreation

Mission statement
The Department of Recreational Sports provides an inclusive environment for the campus community that encourages the lifelong pursuit of healthy living and learning. Our facilities and programs offer an outlet to enhance the educational core of the university, while striving for improved intellectual and emotional wellness.

Facility Reservation Process

Looking to work out in the Jaguar Fitness Center or play some video games in the Game Room? Follow these steps below to reserve your time slot. For detailed instructions, check out this infographic!

1. Log-on to your IMleagues Account.
2. When you select the organization, you will be redirected to your JagWire log-in. After inputting your log-in information, it will automatically direct you back to the A&M-SA IMleagues page.
3. Select the 'FITNESS' tab.
4. Select 'CLASSES' on the toolbar.
5. Click which facility you would like to reserve.
6. Select the date, time, and station you would like to reserve. For a detailed station overview, click here.
7. After signing up for a station, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your reservation information.

Please note: Reservations can only be made one week at a time. Patrons cannot reserve consecutive time slots.

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