Jaguar Fitness and Wellness

The Jaguar Fitness and Wellness Program is committed to providing a variety of inclusive services to help the A&M-San Antonio community achieve their goals. We offer group fitness classes, nutrition coaching, and special wellness events designed to improve overall wellness.

Fall Fitness and Wellness Programs

In-Person & Virtual Fitness Classes JagFit Nutrition Coaching JagFit Personal Training 2021 Recreation Movement

JagFit is FREE to all students and faculty/staff who pay a rec sports membership! We conduct our classes in Madla 134 and through zoom. We also have an archive of recorded classes, so you can get fit at any time of the day!

Interested in nutrition, but don't know where to start? We can help! Students, Faculty, and Staff are eligible to sign up for a Nutrition Consultation. Check our Nutrition Coaching Page for more information and pricing.

Maximize your workouts with the help of a JagFit Personal Trainer! Learn to improve your body’s functional movement through the use of safe and effective exercises that will keep you energized and ready to take on your day. Check our Personal Training Page for more information and pricing.

Sign-up with your .edu email to gain access to hundreds of FREE virtual fitness opportunities from over 100 universities across the nation. This program is free and available to all faculty/staff, students, and alumni. Show us how you #recathome!

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