Grade Information

Final processing of grades is usually scheduled one week following the end of the semester. 

Students may view their grades through JagWire:

  1. Log in to JagWire
  2. Select "Classes & Registration"
  3. Select "Final Grades" in the 'My Grades' portlet

Change of Grade
After being reported to the Registrar, grades other than I may not be changed unless an error has been made by the instructor.

Students should review their end of semester final grades closely to ensure their accuracy. If an error or discrepancy should occur, the student should contact the appropriate professor and/or the Office of the Registrar immediately to be resolved. It is recommended that those changes occur no later than the beginning of the next semester. Grade changes requested after one calendar year are subject to approval by the Dean of the College.

Removing the Grade of I
For the undergraduate student, the grade of I must be removed within the time specified by the instructor, not exceeding 12 months from the date the I was recorded. When the student completes the work in the course, the instructor submits a change of grade card through the chair of the department and the division head to the Registrar. The grade of I may be changed only to A, B, C, D or F. Should the conditions specified above not be met, the I will become an F. Extensions of time, when merited, may be granted by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs after consultation with the college dean. I grades must be completed prior to graduation. I grades not completed by the end of the semester in which the student is scheduled to graduate will turn into F's and will be calculated into the cumulative grade point average.

Repetition of a Course
If a student repeats a course that may not be taken for additional credit, it is the policy of the university to count as part of a student's cumulative grade point average the highest grade received in the course However, for purposes of grade point average calculation on course work for graduation, grades stand as recorded unless the same course is repeated at this university. Grades earned prior to Fall 2009 are considered Texas A&M University-Kingsville grades and cannot be excluded.

Students who have received their first bachelor’s degree from this institution cannot repeat courses that were used to earn the first degree for purposes of grade point average calculation

It is the responsibility of the student, after repeating a course, to file a special request form in the Office of the Registrar, so that the adjustment in the grade point average, when applicable, can be entered on the permanent record.

Repeated Grade Notation
Repeated course(s) and grade(s) are not removed from the official or unofficial transcript. The repeated grade and grade points will be removed from the cumulative grade point average only. The repeated course will be identified with the letter “E” next to the quality points on the transcript. Repeating a course after graduation will not change your graduation grade point average.