Before You Register

Admissions Status

Before you can register for courses, you must be admitted to the University. To check your admissions status, go to Jaguar Connect and select "Admission Status".

For any questions regarding Admissions, please visit the Admissions Office website.

See Your Advisor

Make an appointment to meet with your advisor to discuss your degree plan. Advisors are available for undergraduate and graduate students and are located within their respective Schools.


Clear Any Registration Holds

Registration holds may be placed on your record for financial and/or academic reasons. These holds must be cleared prior registering for courses.

You may check for any holds on JagWire.

  1. Log in to JagWire
  2. Select "Classes & Registration"
  3. Select "View Holds"

Understanding Online/Distance Education

Courses offerings are available as Lecture, Online, or Hybrid classes. Hybrid courses are a combination of Online and Lecture sessions with students meeting on campus as required by the instructor.

Are you ready to take an online course?

  • Online/Distance courses are convenient, but to require a commitment from students. To be successful, students should be independent learners, well organized, disciplined and stay on task.
  • Do you know how to use standard word processing, spreadsheet, etc. software?
  • Can you create, save and manage files on your computer?
  • Can you install software on your computer?
  • Do you have access to internet email and do you know how to send and receive email? Do you know how to attach files to an email?
  • Do you have access to a computer?
  • Can you stay on task without direct supervision from your instructor?
  • Can you prioritize your coursework with your daily responsibilities?
  • Do you understand written instructions?
  • Do you learn well on your own?


Many of the courses will have an online presence using Blackboard. Please visit the Information Technology Services website for information on Blackboard and technical requirements needed to access your courses.


To keep the costs of textbooks to a minimum, many of the courses are now using E-Books. If your course that requires an E-Book, you will be charged an additional fee for the E-Book when you register for the course. Please visit the E-Book website for additional information. Alternatives to the E-Books are available at an additional cost. Please visit the E-Book website.