Important Information to Know

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Is there a new Student Orientation?

Student Orientation – New students are required to complete a New Student Orientation.  Transfer Undergraduate and Graduate Students will be offered the option of attending a face-to-face New Student Orientation taking the online orientation.  Visit the New Student Orientation.

Are you under the age of 22?

Meningitis Vaccine – Students under the age of 22 are required by the State of Texas to have a Bacterial meningitis vaccination.

  1. Records must be submitted online through the Med+Proctor at
  2. Students will receive an email with instructions.
  3. Students may contact the Welcome Center at (210) 784-1300. 

Are you enrolled at Alamo Colleges & TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-SAN ANTONIO in the same semester?

Consortium Agreement – Students concurrently enrolled with Texas A&M University-San Antonio and a school within the Alamo Colleges during the same semester must submit a Consortium Agreement to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid prior to the Census Date deadline (This is the 12th day of class).

  • The student must be in a degree-seeking program at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.
  • All courses taken at any Alamo Colleges must be transferrable and applicable to the student’s program.
  • Financial Aid CANNOT be received at two (2) institutions during the same semester.
  • For additional information, contact the Welcome Center at (210) 784-1300

When are the Drop Dates?

What is Census Date?

Census Date is the 12th day of class and there are no refunds for “drops” after this date.  Check the Academic Calendar for specific dates for each term.  

Are you considering dropping a class? 

  • Students withdrawing from all classes after the official first day of class will be required to pay a percentage of the tuition and fee. Check the Academic Calendar for specific dates for each term.
  • For additional information on amount due for a dropped class contact Student Business Services, Room 135 or call (210) 784-2035 
  • Dropping courses or withdrawing from the University may also affect a student’s financial aid award
  • Dropping courses or withdrawing from the University may impact a student’s veteran benefits 
  • Students needing additional information contact the Welcome Center or (210) 784-1300