Visit with an Academic Advisor

At Texas A&M University-San Antonio

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Academic Advisors are committed to providing academic advising support to all students. Your academic advisor will provide information about your field of study, including: your degree plan, courses and course pre-requisites, extracurricular and professionally affiliated group information, and the registration process. 

New student to Texas A&M University- San Antonio: Appointment is best: 1 Hour with advisor

If you are a new student to Texas A&M university- San Antonio it is best to schedule an hour long appointment with an advisor. Advisors like to have hour long appointments in order to go over degree plans and registration for the term. Undergraduate students can schedule an appointment online through JagWire, EAB-Student Success Collaborative link found under Student Services. Graduate students will need to contact their academic advisor directly to schedule an appointment. For advisor information go to

For more information, visit our Academic Advising webpage.