Welcome to the Office of
Student Rights and Responsibilities

The mission of The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) is to promote a campus environment of student success and retention. We focus on a holistic approach to student rights and responsibilities in order to uphold the highest academic and behavioral standards as articulated in the Student Code of Conduct.

OSRR staff uphold the Student Conduct process for academic, behavioral and sexual misconduct issues on campus, educate the university community on civility and the Student Code of Conduct, and are advocates for students who may have questions regarding various community standards.

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Assembled by the Division of Student Affairs, the Texas A&M University-San Antonio Student Handbook describes the expectations for behavior and conduct in the Jaguar community and outlines the procedures to be followed when these expectations are not met. It includes the Student Code of Conduct, the Academic Integrity Policy, as well as other rules, regulations, and policies governing student involvement .

As members of the University community, all enrolled students assume full responsibility for adhering to the university's values and goals.  Students are held responsible for staying abreast of their rights as students and for being cognizant on what is deemed proper conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook. 

Educational Programming:

OSRR promotes integrity in regard to academics on campus. We work closely with Academic Affairs to educate the community on plagiarism.  We encourage faculty to request a presentation on this topic during the semester. If you ever need to cancel a class, please consider requesting a presentation.

OSRR Staff sits on the Alcohol and Other Drug committee. The committee hosts various events throughout the year including Jaguar First Fridays and information tables. AOD Committee is available to host presentation on Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention. For more info please click here.

The university community is encouraged to report any incidents that may be seen or heard on campus. OSRR collaborates with SCWS and UPD to educate the community about proper ways Jaguars can Step In, Speak Up, and Support! For more information on reporting click here.

OSRR Staff are available to act as an impartial third party mediator in any issues that do not involve violations of the code of conduct. OSRR also educates the community on civility. If you would like to request a presentation on civility and how to respond in certain situations, please contact us.

National Hazing Prevention Week- OSRR collaborates with offices across campus to educate the community on hazing laws and policies. If you would like further information on hazing policies and prevention, or would like to request a presentation for your organization, please contact us.

OSRR staff are available to host a presentation on the Texas 911 Lifeline Law. For further information please visit the AOD webpage.

On Campus Resources:

Disability Support Services

Central Academic Building, Room 210
(210) 784-1335
Email: DSupport@tamusa.edu

Student Academic Success Center

Madla Building, Suite 336
(210) 784-1352
Email: Student.Success@tamusa.edu

Tutoring Services

Central Academic Building, Room 208
(210) 784-1332
Email: Tutoring@tamusa.edu 

Writing Center
Central Academic Building, Room 208
(210) 784-1222
Email: katherine.bridgman@tamusa.edu 

University Library
Central Academic Building, Room 202
(210) 784-1500
Email: library@tamusa.edu

Student Counseling and Wellness Services

Patriots' Casa, Room 212
(210) 784-1331
Email: StuCounseling@tamusa.edu 

University Police Department

Madla Building, Room 120
For Non Emergencies: (210) 784-1900
For Emergencies Only: (210) 784-1911

To file a Title IX Report please click here.

Campus Title IX Coordinator (Students)
Janice Parten
Modular 109A
(210) 784-2061


Compliance Officer (Faculty, Staff, Third Parties)
John LoCurto
Modular 109A
(210) 784-2003


Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Pregnant and Parenting Students
Jo Anna Benavides-Franke
Madla Building, Room 312
(210) 784-1330