How to Work with Us

Marketing and Communications (Marcom) is committed to working with our faculty, staff and students (our clients) to help you achieve your business objectives, whether that means increasing the number of student applications you receive or attracting more attendees to your event. Following is an overview of the way we work with clients. (Note: For simple, one-tactic requests, the following process will be abbreviated.)

Note: In general, we would like at least two weeks’ advance notice for requests. For large, complex projects,  we prefer four weeks’ advance notice is required. As a general rule of thumb, when an event or assignment hits your calendar, you should submit a request for our support. Do not wait until a week out from your final deadline to submit a request.

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Client submits a request form, providing all the necessary information along with any related files. Each request is stamped with a time and date and automatically placed in Marcom’s work queue. You will receive an email confirming our receipt of your request.

Marcom reviews client requests in the order they were submitted. We assign priority to each request based on its alignment with and potential to impact A&M-SA’s mission and four strategic goals as well as Marcom’s objectives, and 2) the current workload of the Marcom team.

Marcom will assign your job to someone on our team who will act as your “client relations lead.” Your client relations lead will be your point-of-contact throughout the project even though other Marcom team members may also work on the effort.

Within three business days of your request, your Marcom client relations lead will contact you via email or phone to confirm details of the request and ask for any missing information. If necessary, we will schedule a meeting to discuss the project with you further. This might involve gathering additional content from you (e.g., draft copy, photos, charts), confirming anyone who must review and approve final deliverables and discussing a production timeline with deadlines for the various pieces of your project.

At this stage of the process, Marcom will confirm: 1) any subject matter experts who must review your content for accuracy, and 2) any leaders who must approve content before it is finalized. This will allow us to create a production timeline that includes these important review and approval milestones.

During this step, Marcom and the client will also determine if we need to use outside vendors (e.g., for printing or photography) to support the request. We will also work with the client to solicit bids from A&M-SA approved vendors and confirm project costs.

The Marcom team and/or A&M-SA approved vendors will begin working on your project once all materials and resources are in hand.

Your client relations lead will send you drafts of deliverables for you to review. Please note that your failure to review drafts in a timely manner could put the final deadline in jeopardy. Once you send us your edits, we will revise the deliverables accordingly.

After you and any other SMEs or leaders on your team have reviewed and approved final content, Marcom will produce final deliverables and send you copies for your files along with any related vendor invoices. It’s your responsibility to process all invoices related to the project. Before closing out the job and archiving your project, your client relations lead will work with you to determine if we met any measurable project goals defined during the planning/collaboration step, if applicable.

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