Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Welcome to Texas A&M University-San Antonio’s Institutional Review Board page!

If this is your first time visiting this page, then you can find out where to go from here by reading the paragraphs below.
Please note the important deadlines for Full Board Review, research proposal submissions to IRB Chair.


The FORMS tab to the right will provide you with all of the forms you will need to submit a successful application for research on human subjects. These include the Human Subjects Application form itself, as well as examples of the Consent Form you will need to provide to each of your human subjects.

The FAQ tab to the right will provide you with any information you might want regarding what the IRB is and what it does.

The MEMBERSHIP ROSTER tab will provide you with contacts should you have any questions while writing your proposal.

TheGRANTS tab to the right will provide you with any help you might need with writing grants, including grant-writing fundamentals and a listing of grants that are available to you.

Finally, if the IRB Proposal you submit requires a Full Board Review, the IRB Scheduled Meeting Datecan be found on the tab to the right.