Study History at Texas A&M San Antonio

The history program in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences currently offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in History, History with Secondary Teaching Certification, and History with Social Studies Teaching Certification. Undergraduate students can also minor in History.

In addition to regular courses in U.S., European, and Latin American History, we also offer capstone research seminars, which introduce students to a range of source materials, historical methods, and interdisciplinary modes of inquiry. Outside of class, many students are actively involved in our History Club, which organizes numerous activities for professional development and community service.

History Mission Statement

Our program's mission is to provide students with a broad knowledge of the past and an appreciation of the complexities of the contemporary world. The study of History equips students with the necessary skills for success in a wide range of careers in education, public history, social service, law, government, and business. Students receive training in the collection, analysis, and evaluation of information, critical thinking, and oral and written communication.