New Student Orientation

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Greetings, our New Student Orientation (NSO) will provide you with important information for your transition to Texas A&M University-San Antonio. This orientation program will be packed full of useful information about Texas A&M University-San Antonio that will ensure your successful navigation of campus, offices, policies and procedures.

We welcome you to Texas A&M University-San Antonio and encourage you to contact our office at (210) 784-1399 with any of your questions about our orientation process.

Summer 2016 New Student Orientation

Undergraduate – As a new student to our University, we want your transition to be as smooth as possible. So, we've created two options for you, you can attend a face-to-face session or you can complete the online orientation. You only have to attend one or the other, not both. NSO is mandatory and must be completed befor registration. If you have any question you can contact us at (210) 784-1388.

Graduate –As you embark on a new journey in your education we want to ensure your success in your graduate career. NSO will provide you with the tools and information to ensure your success. As a graduate student you must complete NSO to register for classes. You can attend a face-to-face session or you can complete the online NSO. If you have any questions you can contact us at (210) 784-1388.

Fall 2016 New Student Orientation

Check back soon for more information.

Summer 2016 Face-to-Face New Student Orientation Dates

Check back soon for dates.

Summer 2016 Online New Student Orientation

The online course will take approximately one hour and a half hours. If you start but don’t complete it don’t worry you will be able to go back in and start where you left off. The NSO online program is available on the button below. Your login is your student ID number which is also known as your "K number.” Please allow 48 hours for the Orientation hold to be lifted. During the online NSO you will receive specific information from the college (College of Business, College of Arts & Sciences or College of Education and Human Services) regarding registration.

Online NSO

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