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Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities

The mission of The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is to promote a campus environment of student success that balances student rights and responsibilities through a fair and objective due process, while upholding the highest academic and behavioral standards articulated in the Student Code of Conduct.

The  main role of the office is to oversee the student conduct and grievance process, uphold the Student Code of Conduct, and be an advocate for students who may have questions regarding community standards. Staff members in the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities strive to promote a campus climate of integrity, service, commitment and excellence by focusing on promoting a holistic approach to student rights and responsibilities.

File a Report

In our efforts to promote a campus climate of integrity and excellence, we encourage all students to address their complaints directly with all appropriate parties involved in a dispute. If you find that a resolution was not achieved through your own investigative techniques, The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities can help. We are readily available to assist with grievance filed by investigating claims and seeking an appropriate resolution through  our online system Advocate. A University complaint can be filed against any student, student organization, faculty or staff member. This can be a grievance or a student code of conduct violation. 

A representative from the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities will review every submission and assign a resolution process. It is very important that all documentation and other evidence associated with the report (e.g., e-mails, Department of Public Safety reports, police reports, or witness statements) be included. More than one complaint can be filed regarding the same incident. It is absolutely necessary that all reports be submitted as soon as possible. The complaint form will be considered complete only when it is submitted by the complainant.

Student Handbook

The A&M University-San Antonio Student Handbook contains a description of student's rights and responsibilities and is a guide to information for faculty, students and staff.  Also included in the Student Handbook is the Student Code of Conduct.  As members of the University community, all enrolled students assume full responsibility for adhering to the university's values and goals.  Students are held responsible for staying abreast of their rights as students and for being cognizant on what is deemed proper conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook.

TAMU-SA is committed to upholding the core values of Commitment, Integrity, Service and Excellence in everything we do. Students are at the forefront of our University and are expected to follow the Student Code of Conduct and all campus community members are expected to uphold the Universities core values.


If you are interested in having the Office of Student Rights andResponsibilities present a 15-minute presentation on Academic Integrity for the students in your courses, please contact Studentrr@tamusa.edu.



Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR)
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