Construction Hat Award

Construction Hat Award

The Construction Hat Award acknowledges the efforts of individual staff members who figuratively help build our success as a division and as a university. Because our division is very diverse, in regards to the scope of various business operations, the criteria for submitting outstanding nominees is very open and flexible.  Nominations will be reviewed by the Business Affairs Committee, who will then submit a recommendation to the VPBA for final approval.  


  • Nominee to have a minimum of 6 months with the division.
  • Nominees must be employed full-time, benefits eligible position at the manager level and below.
  • Nominees must be in good standing with their department and the University.


  • Employee is actively developing skills through additional training, internal or external, and/or also taking on additional responsibilities in their role. 
  • Demonstrated outstanding contribution towards building a division that promotes:
  • responsible stewardship of University resources,
  • campus-wide collaboration,
  • and/or other efforts that promote our organization's success.
  • Everybody is invited to submit nominations; this is in acknowledgment of the interdepartmental collaboration the division hopes to grow.

Construction Hat Award Winners

Past winners are Sharon Otholt,Christina Gomez,Lloyd Butler,Abigail Varga, and Lionel Cassin (Recent Recipient)