Representative TExES Test (Practice Test)

Due to the high number of students scheduling exam appointments and not showing up, beginning Fall 2019 the TExES Teacher Practice Exam will have a $10.00 registration fee.  This fee is due when you register for your exam. 


Must be a current A&M-SA student enrolled in courses.
Must be in Field Residency 1 or Field Residency 2, or have approval from the College of Education.
Students that have graduated may utilize the Testing Center for practice exams.


Registration will begin at the start of every semester.
Students are required to register at least 24 hours prior to their desired testing date.  Space is limited and registration is done on a first scheduled basis.
Students must schedule online and will receive a confirmation email immediately after registering.  Students will also receive an email reminding them of their test date, time, and location (if applicable).  
Students are required to arrive 30 minutes prior to their testing appointment for check-in.   
Students that do not arrive at least 30 minutes early will be considered late and turned away.
Students are not allowed to register for a retake of an exam until their scores have been released.  Students that register for the same exam on multiple dates before their score reports are released will be dropped from the latest testing date. 
Students are not allowed to take multiple exams on the same date.  The only exception to this will be students that need to retake 2 or more (but not the whole exam) of EC-6 core subjects or 4-8 core subjects.  Those students will indicate what sections they need with scheduling. 
Students should plan on 5 hours for each exam.  Exam time limits are set by TEA.
Students must use their Jaguar email address.  Failure to use the Jaguar email will result in an immediate cancallation of the test date without notification. 

Cancellation Policy

Students are required to cancel their exam at least 72 hours before their scheduled testing date.  This gives other students an opportunity to register for that testing date.
Students will be unable to schedule testing dates within 30 days of each other, this includes any no-showed exams, exams that were cancelled with less than 72 hours' notice, and exam retakes.
Students that no-show or cancel with less than 72 hour notice are not guaranteed another testing date due to limited space. 
No-show, late arrivals, and late cancelled exams will forfeit any paid fees

Special Accommodations

Students requiring accommodations must coordinate through DSS and the Testing Center at least 1 to 2 weeks prior to testing.

Required Items

Current, unexpired government/state issued ID (i.e., driver’s license, state-issued ID, passport, etc.) 
Student ID or a printed copy of A&M-SA transcript
Student ID number

Prohibited Items

The following items are not authorized and prohibited during testing and include, but are not limited to:

Large outerwear (jackets, coats, etc.)
Hoodies/hooded shirts
Food and drinks (water in a clear bottle is allowed in the testing room)
Book bags
Books and notebooks
Cell phones and other electronic devices
Recording devices, such as USB drives, handheld records, etc.
Photographic equipment
Smart watches, electronic watches, or fitness devices of any kind
Smart Glasses; i.e., Google, SnapChat, etc.
Personal mechanical pencils, pencils, pens, and erasers, the Testing Center will provide pencils, scratch paper, lined paper for written responses, and Scantrons

The Testing Center is not responsible for examinees personal items.  The Testing Center has limited space to store examinees personal items.

Family and/or friends that accompany an examinee will not be allowed to wait in the testing area for the examinee to finish his or her exam.  Visitors will be informed of an approximate completion time and will be asked to return at that time to pick-up the examinee.

Children are not to be left unattended and examinees that bring children will not be allowed to test.


Grading for paper based exams are done by the College of Education in approximately 7 to 10 business days following the test.
Students can follow-up with their Field Specialist Faculty advisor for more information on their scores.
Questions or comments regarding scores must be addressed to the College of Education and/or the Field Specialist Faculty advisor.


Students will be able to schedule retakes 30 days from their original testing date. 
Students are required to take the overall test for the EC-6 & 4-8 on the first attempt. 
Students that do not pass one or more subject tests on the EC-6 & 4-8, may retake just those subject tests or retake the overall test again. 

Testing Dates & Scheduling 

Please check the online scheduling system for available dates and times.

Online Scheduling System

Faculty and staff are not permitted to register for testing dates on behalf of their students.  Students must register themselves.