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The Student Academic Success Center (SASC) takes a developmental/proactive approach to help students complete their academic goals from orientation through graduation. Our goal is to help students discover, self-reflect, and become independent learners.

SASC offers academic and skills workshops, one-on-one appointments, and online resources to help retention efforts at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.


Academic Success Coaches

Academic Success Coaches are available to help students with academic challenges that may be encountered. Workshops and One-on-One sessions are offered during the semester in areas such as alternative study skills, note-taking, reading comprehension, and goal setting.

Inspire Civitas Learning SSO provides an easy way to schedule an Academic Success Coaching appointment.

The video below includes step-by-step directions on How to schedule an appointment or call (210) 784-1307.


One Page Resource Guides for Students 

Click on a resource you would like to learn more about below. 

+ How to Study
+ Learning Styles
+ Note-taking
+ Procrastination-Motivation
+ Test Taking Tips