Under the leadership of Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Dr. Mike O'Brien fosters and supports academic excellence throughout the Texas A&M University-San Antonio. Working with faculty and university leadership, the Provost guides our university to achieving President Matson's vision of one of the fastest-growing universities in Texas and the only Texas A&M System university located in a major metropolitan city.   

The following departments fall under Academic Affairs:


The Undergraduate Academic Advising Center at Texas A&M University-San Antonio seeks to help students develop realistic educational goals and plans, make the most of their educational and extracurricular experiences, and engage with university services that support their academic and personal success. Their academic advisor is here to help them develop an educational plan that supports their academic, personal, and career interests while ensuring that they meet graduation requirements. Academic advisors help students make decisions by drawing upon their own educational experiences and their understanding of the curricula and academic policies of A&M-SA. As each academic program has unique requirements, a student’s assigned academic advisor is based on their major or, in the case of first-year college students, on their classification. For information or to schedule an appointment with an undergraduate academic advisor, please call (210) 784-1307.


The Student Academic Success Center takes a developmental approach to help students complete their academic goals from orientation through graduation. The Center offers academic and skills workshops, one-on-one appointments, and online resources to help retention efforts at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. The goal of the Center is to help students discover, self-reflect, and become independent learners. For more information, please call (210) 784-1307, email student.success@tamusa.edu.


The Testing Center provides a broad array of testing services to assist students in achieving their educational, vocational, and personal goals. In addition, the Testing Center strives to reach out to the community by providing testing services to students, graduates, faculty members, professionals, and those from the surrounding area. The services provided by the Testing Center are based on the guidelines developed by the National College of Testing Association’s Professional Standards and Guidelines. For more information, please call (210) 784-1366, email TestingCenter@tamusa.edu


Tutoring Services is committed to providing peer support for the student learning process by inspiring independent thinking, building confidence and promoting academic success. This process is facilitated by helpful, knowledgeable tutors who excel in their given academic disciplines. One-on-one and small group tutoring sessions are available to all currently enrolled Texas A&M University-San Antonio students. For more information, please call (210) 784-1332, email tutoring@tamusa.edu