Family Engagement

Office of Family Engagement

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Welcome to the Office of Family Engagement!

Our Mission is...

To empower Jaguar family members and Jaguar students with families within the university setting by creating intentional interactions with campus resources, developing a sense of belonging and community, and providing programs and resources to maintain academic and social connections with the jaguar community.

Our Vision is...

To thrive with signature programming through collaborations while partnering with involved Jaguar students with families, Jaguar family members, and alumni who function as integral components of the campus community through service, support, and scholarship.

Our Core Components are...

  • Advancing a Culture of Support
    • Assisting families with university navigation and participation within the university setting from admission through graduation
  • Holistic Development
    • Educating and integrating families into the fabric of the university for both familial and student gain
  • Involvement
    • Accepting different learning and participation styles, embracing unique identities, and reaching out to community partners and families
  • Transformation
    • Serving as a critical link to campus and community resources to expand students' and families' world view, capacity, and individual depth while appreciating every interaction as an opportunity
  • Engagement
    • Promoting a sense of community, encouraging supportive processes, and fostering a collaborative and participatory spirit.

We Define "Family" as any of the following:

  1. Parents, Guardians, and Siblings
  2. Children and Significant Others
  3. Extended Family: Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nieces, Nephews, and Grandparents
  4. Friends
  5. Anyone else defined as family in your life.


Student Parent Resources:

Student Parents can now register for classes during priority registration. Please fill out this form


Student Parent Advocate:

Gretchen Doenges

(210) 783-1452

Patriots’ Casa 104




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Family Resources