Principal Investigator Eligibility

Eligibility to act as a University Principal Investigator or senior personnel on a sponsored research project is a privilege typically limited to University employees (generally faculty members). Non-faculty University principal investigators must hold a faculty-equivalent research position to serve as a principal investigator, project director, co-principal investigator, or other senior personnel on a sponsored research project. The dean or designee shall determine the eligibility of an individual to serve as a principal investigator in compliance with the eligibility criteria of a potential sponsor. In any case where there is no reporting relationship to a college dean, the appropriate vice president or designee will make eligibility determinations. A department head, dean, or vice president (when there is no reporting relationship to a college dean) may limit an individual’s status as a principal investigator or co-principal investigator on a University sponsored project. All individuals who serve in the role of a principal investigator on University sponsored projects must be employed by the University. Visiting faculty may serve as co-principal investigator in accordance with the approval requirements.

The Principal Investigator is responsible for:

  • Scope of work,
  • Proposed budget and estimated costs of doing the work,
  • Technical, scientific, and scholarly content and quality,
  • Preparation of the proposal,
  • Presentation of ideas for a project,
  • Coordination with compliance committees,
  • Governing access and retention of data,
  • Compliance with applicable University Rules and Procedures, and System Policies and Regulations and assuring that the proposal is submitted to the appropriate office for processing prior to being submitted to the sponsor for consideration,
  • Preparation, Review and Submission of sponsored project proposals with sufficient time for the University to meet proposal deadlines,
  • Preparation of Technical Reports and review of Sharon Otholt’s Financial Reports to Sponsor,
  • Close out of research project.