Andrew Sanders, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Politics and International Studies, Queen's University Belfast, UK
M.A., Irish Politics, Queen's University Belfast, UK

Assistant Professor

Central Academic Building 351A
Office (210) 784-2276



Dr. Andrew Sanders holds a PhD in Politics, International Studies and Philosophy and a MA FROM Queen's University Belfast and a BSc in Social and Management Science from Edinburgh Napier University. His research focuses on terrorism and political violence, state responses to insurgency, and the intentional dimension to conflict. He is the author of Inside the IRA:Dissident Republicans  and the War for Ligitimacy (Edinburgh, 2011) and co-authored Times and Troubles: Britiain's War in Northern Ireland (Edinburgh, 2012) with Ian S. Wood. His third book, the Long Peace Process: The United States of America and the Northern Ireland Conflict is forthcoming with Liverpool University Press. He has published several articles on topics such as international support for terrorism, the role of diaspora in conflict, the concept of minimum force in military operations,and transatlantic relations.

He teaches course on Comparative Politics, International Relations, Terrorism, Political Research and US and Texas Government.

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