Dr. Mirley K. Balasubramanya

Ph.D., Iowa State University
M.Sc. (Integrated), Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Professor and Dean, College of Arts & Sciences 

Science and Technology Building 311-U
Office (210) 784-2224



Dr. M.K. Balasubramanya (Bala) has interests in mathematical physics, classical and quantum mechanics, and Hamilton-Jacobi theory. He is currently serving as the university’s principle investigator for a collaborative research and development project on designing and building a Stirling Hybrid Vehicle (SHV) in partnership with Quantum Industrial Development Corporation (QIDC), a San Antonio based company. The Stirling engine is more energy-efficient than the internal combustion engine, besides being less polluting. NASA had produced several direct-drive Stirling automotive engines and successfully tested them in vehicles that had collectively logged over 10,000 miles. The SHV project uses this engine in series with an electrical generator - a technology appropriate for automobiles, light trucks, delivery vans, long haul trucks, and buses - using any fuel, including natural gas and biofuel. The project has received support from NASA. The university and QIDC have signed a Collaborative Research Agreement with the Army Research Laboratory in Aberdeen, MD to collaboratively work on improving this technology. The collaborators have filed 14 patents on this technology so far.

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