Welcome to the Early Childhood Program.  This program area supports learning about young children ages birth through 6th grade through non-certification and certification degree programs. 

Program overview

This program is perfect for students who work with children from birth to third grade who work in a classroom, child care center, hospital, museum or other community business that involves the care of young children or the management of adults caring for young children.  This program seeks to develop advocates for equitable practices in the profession and leaders who desire to transform the lives of the children and adults they serve.

You will learn about

  • Students will expand their knowledge about culturally and linguistically responsive environments involving the whole child through play-based learning.  Students will critically analyze discourse to develop an understanding of multiple perspectives that frame equity pedagogy.  

  • How children learn

  • Implementing culturally-responsive teaching

  • How to create responsive, inclusive play-based learning environments and natural play spaces for children, families and the community

  • Human development

  • Observation and reflection, and the preparation of pedagogical documentation by children, families and the community

  • Social justice, advocacy, and leadership in early childhood education

  • The importance of collaborating with relevant community agencies

  • How ministry and government legislation and guidelines inform practice. 

Career outcomes

Upon graduation, you will be prepared for roles such as curriculum specialist, curriculum coordinator, early childhood trainer or assessment.