Welcome to TU CASA at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

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The TU CASA model is designed to allow students with intellectual disabilities to receive a true university experience while gaining the skills and knowledge needed to transition to independent adult lives. TU CASA addresses the critical needs in the community by establishing a sustainable program that: (a) provides 18 months of fully inclusive PSE opportunities with access to typical and specialized A&M-SA services and supports; (b) offers a meaningful credential upon completion that addresses academic, employment, and independent living domains; (c) utilizes a person-centered approach to meet unique student needs and enhance their quality of life; (d) employs comprehensive program evaluation; and (e) includes a plan for replication on regional and state levels.

TU CASA's mission is to offer a fully inclusive university experience for students with intellectual disabilities by providing them with access and opportunity to the same services, programs, and courses as other Texas A&M University students. Each TU CASA student’s university experience will be individually designed to reflect their interests, preferences, and future goals. This individualized approach will support inclusive academic, employment, and independent living experiences leading to meaningful, integrated employment and overall improved adulthood outcomes. Participation in TU CASA will lead to a 1.5 year-long University and Career Experience Certificate (UCEC) and a career pathway for integrated employment and the development of independent living skills through a person-centered approach.

Landing-Page-2.pngOur Values
TU CASA values are to support all students in academic achievement, integrated and gainful employment, and inclusive lives in the community.