COVID-19 Cases, University Affiliates

New cases for September 13, 2020 – September 19, 2020

Employees = 0 Students = 3

None of the individuals included in the counts (Sep. 13-19, 2020) has been on campus and all have been instructed not to visit campus until cleared to do so by our Risk Management office.

Please note that because our case reporting is updated on a weekly basis, there may be confirmed cases of COVID-19 that are not yet reflected in these counts. Members of the University community receive timely communications about any circumstances directly impacting their health and safety, including potential exposures to COVID-19.

Cumulative cases January 1, 2020 - September 19, 2020

Employees = 10 Students = 39

All individuals who test positive for COVID-19 are asked to refrain from returning to campus until they confirm with that they had a mild case of COVID-19 and meet the following criteria:

  • At least 10 days since symptoms first appeared and
  • At least 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medication and
  • Symptoms have improved and
  • If under the care of a healthcare provider, you share your release from the doctor’s office to get out of isolation and resume normal activities around others.

If you had severe illness from COVID-19 (you were admitted to a hospital and needed oxygen), your healthcare provider may recommend that you stay in isolation for longer than 10 days after your symptoms first appeared (possibly up to 20 days) and you may need to finish your period of isolation at home. Your healthcare provider may recommend that you undergo repeat testing for COVID-19 to end your isolation earlier than would be done according to the criteria above. If so, you can be around others after you receive two negative tests results in a row, from tests done at least 24 hours apart.

updated: September 23, 2020