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Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

The health and safety of the Jaguar community remain our top priorities. A&M-San Antonio is closely monitoring COVID-19 cases to identify impact to our campus community and to minimize the risk of exposure and transmission.

We will provide weekly updates regarding the number of positive cases until May 13, 2022, inclusive at this time of those with campus impact and those without impact. Case counts are updated by noon each Wednesday and reflect information reported from the preceding Sunday through Saturday.

Texas A&M University-San Antonio will no longer be reporting positive cases as of May 13, 2022, in accordance with Texas A&M System COVID-19 Phased Demobilization – Phase 1 document.

Positive Cases with Campus Impact

A positive case is considered to have campus impact if all of the following have occurred:

  • the positive individual was on campus starting from within 2 days of the onset of COVID-19 symptoms or receiving a positive COVID-19 test, and
  • It was determined that close contact with the positive individual took place.

Close contact is defined as an individual being within six (6) feet of a positive case for an accumulated time of 15 minutes within a 24 hour time period.

Members of the University community receive timely communications about any circumstances directly impacting their health and safety, including potential exposures to COVID-19. Individuals who have been in close contact with a positive case on campus are notified by a University representative as part of the case management process.

Academic Year 2021-22 Reporting

Spring 2022 classes began on January 10, 2022. For the purposes of reporting on this page, cases reported from January 2 – May 13, 2022, will be considered part of the Spring semester.

Cases as of May 7, 2022
MAY 1, 2022 - MAY 7, 2022
Spring 2022 TOTALS
Students 3 0 570
Employees* 4 2 119
TOTALS 7 0 689

*Persons directly employed by the University, including both full- and part-time faculty and staff, as well as temporary employees; excludes student employees.

Texas A&M-San Antonio will no longer be reporting positive cases as of May 13, 2022, in accordance with Texas A&M System COVID-19 Phased Demobilization – Phase 1 guidelines.