Staff Services

Workforce and Additional Support

Human Resources (HR) will continue to support employees through the oversight and implementation of alternate work location policies. They will adopt flexible sick leave policies so that employees stay home when sick or when known exposure to COVID-19 has occurred. In coordination with the campus safety office, HR will provide employees with a letter of actions on self-care tools and benefits available to them. Department chairs will receive a copy of the letter.

There will be specially themed HR e-blast communications for health matters. The email blast will publish weekly to promote employee well-being, provide health and safety guidance and promote the employee assistance program for support.

Communication channels will remind faculty to self-screen, to monitor their health daily and to not come to work if ill. Faculty will be reminded of the mandate to self-quarantine if they have any symptoms or have received a positive COVID-19 test.

HR will work with Career Services to post jobs that will support safety operations this fall. The Public Health & Safety Assistants will provide various services:

  • Distribute self-monitoring checklists
  • Distribute face masks if individuals arrive on campus without their own
  • Perform touchless temperature scans
  • Remind University students, staff and faculty to maintain minimum physical distance when necessary

Managers may allow employees an accommodation to continue working remotely due to high-risk factors after discussions with HR.