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A&M-San Antonio is enormously proud of you, the smart, accomplished, diverse and ambitious students who have chosen to pursue a University education on our campus. As we look to the Fall 2020 semester, our entire campus community – faculty, staff, students and administrators – developed plans to provide a safe and effective learning environment. We mean it when we say your safety is our top priority.

Academic Offerings

For fall classes, up to 10% in-person and up to 20% hybrid (remote and in-person) instruction will be available. The courses were selected based upon several factors, such as ensuring first-year students may participate in most of the face-to-face classes, the number of faculty available to teach face-to-face, block scheduling and other academic offerings more suitable for face-to-face instruction. The remaining course offerings will be available via online delivery or flex models.

Certification of Responsibilities for Students

The Texas A&M University System is developing a training program for students returning to campus to complete. Students will complete a self-certification, as well. Should a student not complete the system training and certification, they will have a hold imposed by the Dean of Students Office until training is completed.

Mandatory COVID-19 Training Module


A training module for safe conduct regarding exposure to viruses will be required for all students beginning Aug. 3, 2020, via Blackboard. The Dean of Students, along with Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR), will help oversee completion of training and follow-up with those who haven’t completed with encouragement.

  • Students living in Esperanza Hall must complete the mandatory training by Aug. 10, 2020. Residents who do not meet the training by the deadline will not be allowed to move-in.
  • For students attending face-to-face and online classes, the deadline for completing the module will be Aug. 19, 2020. If the training is not completed by first class day, a Dean of Students hold will be placed on your records until the training is completed.
  • For students attending online classes only, the deadline for completion will be Sept. 5, 2020. If the training is not completed by the deadline, a Dean of Students hold will be placed on your records until the training is completed.

Consequence: Failure to complete the course by the deadlines above will result in further conduct sanctions. 


Information Technology Services (ITS), in collaboration with many other University departments, has been working hard to provide students with the best academic experience possible. Along with reducing the number of computers in all open-access and classroom labs to meet social distancing guidelines, ITS has several technology initiatives completed and underway that may directly impact you

Disability Support Services

DSS provides Assistive Technology resources to ensure equal access and reasonable accommodations that meet the unique educational needs of enrolled students with documented disabilities. A few of the Assistive Technology offerings, such as Read&Write and EquatIO, are available to the entire campus community. DSS also provides information on many free Assistive Technology resources available for Communication, Dictation, Note-Taking, Artificial Intelligence and more. For additional information on how to register for Disability Support Services, visit our webpage or call us at (210) 784-1335.

Re-Distribution of Computers to Support Social Distancing
To meet federal, state and System social distancing guidelines, and in partnership with the Office of the Provost, ITS is strategically removing some computers in all labs and classrooms to reduce the number of machines available in each room. Removing the computers has allowed the redeployment of the devices across seven rooms in Mod B: Three rooms will have 20 computers each, three will have 10 computers each and the ALEKS lab will have one computer.

Campus Wireless Upgrade
ITS is upgrading our current wireless network by adding new access points for external spaces (like the parking lots) and upgrading access points in many buildings (including CAB, Madla and Patriot’s Casa). All campus visitors will now be better able to remain socially distant, as there will be more areas where the wireless network is available.

New Classroom Cameras
In collaboration with the Provost’s Office with a projected completion date of August 2020, ITS is installing cameras in 10 classrooms and five labs. This new technology is intended to allow students who are unable to come to campus to feel like they are in the classroom.

DUO for O365
A security measure already in place with some applications is DUO dual-factor authentication. ITS is rolling out DUO for OneDrive and email. Once live, faculty, students and staff will be “DUO-challenged” when logging into these applications.

Loaner Laptops and Mobile Hotspots
To support our students, beginning Aug. 10, ITS will begin providing devices to students in need of laptops and/or internet connection. You can stop by the ITS suite, CAB 233, to check out these devices. Alternatively, if you need to schedule an appointment to pick up loaner equipment after hours, please contact Jessica Nino at or (210) 784-4361 and be sure to provide contact information (your name, how to reach you and a brief description of your service need).

New Digital Signage
Have any questions or want to know what’s happening around campus? New TV monitors have been placed around campus to provide you with the latest information. Find the nearest monitor to see what information is available to you.

Charging Stations
Throughout the campus, you can now enjoy the outdoors and not worry about your battery levels. We have placed two (2) solar charging stations for you to able to charge your devices.  

How to Reach Us
For the safety of our staff and the community, ITS has suspended open office hours. Students can still contact the ITS Help Desk at (210)784-4357 or to request assistance.

Communication of Operational Changes and Guidelines

The Marketing and Communications office will continue to update and maintain the COVID-19 website,, with information for students, employees and the public. The office has also created an enhanced “Announcement” link on JagWire. The link will be regularly updated to share public health and safety information, any updates or policy announcements and general information.

The Growler will include regular updates and share Fall 2020 information starting in the summer and continuing throughout the semester. Additionally, ITS and Marketing and Communications will install more than 50 television monitors throughout the campus to broadcast important health guidelines and public safety awareness messages. Public health emails will also be part of the communication plans for fall.

Food Services

Click here for Hours of Operation

updated: August 24, 2020