Open Enrollment

It's that time of year again make sure you are covered! Open Enrollment is from July 1 through 31. Changes are made through Workday via Single Sign On

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  • If you would like to remain enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account, you must re-enroll every year.
  • If adding a dependent to coverage for the first time, you should add them in the Dependents section in Workday before beginning the Open Enrollment task. This will allow you to easily add the dependent to coverage's during the enrollment process. Please select the Reason for Adding which most closely represents your situation.
  • If you want to enroll in or increase your Optional or Dependent Life coverage, you must provide Evidence of Insurability (E of I). If you choose your coverage and amount in Workday, you will receive a notice to wait until August 1.

Review the System Benefits Administration website to prepare for Open Enrollment. View premiums, plan description booklets, and more. Check your current benefit elections by clicking on the Benefits Worklet from your Workday home page.

  • Every 6 years, the A&M System Benefits Administration office is required to bid the insurance plans. This year, during the Request for Proposal process, Express Scripts was chosen to remain the prescription drug carrier. 2nd.MD will remain the second opinion provider.

  • Retirees enrolled in the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan through Express Scripts can now take advantage of a broader pharmacy network for 90-day prescriptions. You will have the option to fill acute, maintenance, and specialty medication prescriptions through 63,000+ retail pharmacies, as well as through home delivery from the Express Scripts® Pharmacy or Accredo® Specialty Pharmacy. This includes all major chains such as Walgreens and CVS, with the exception of Publix. Maintenance medications can be filled for up to 90 day supplies at any pharmacy in the Broad Performance Medicare Network. To find out more information or to locate a pharmacy, contact Express Scripts Medicare customer service at 1-855-895-4647.

  • Night-guards are being added to coverage under the Delta Dental PPO plan.

  • There will no longer be a copay for the Graduate Student Employee Plan telemedicine services. Enrollees will have access to AHP Live Care, instead of MDLive.

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