WELCOME to ITS Project Management Office!

If you are looking for resources and information on the management of Information Technology Projects, you've come to the right place. We follow the TAC 216 Companion Guide which encompasses IT Project Management Best Practices produced by The Texas A&M University System.

Project Management (PM) supports consistent project management practices for Information Technology Services (ITS), enabling project leaders to successfully deliver their promised value to their customers. The Office ensures that effective project management is a core competency of ITS. 



The mission of Project Management is to:

  • Add focus to projects and objectives
  • Improve the strategic visions of project outcomes
  • Produce measurable project results
  • Increase communication among teams
  • Support management decisions


The PM aids in the execution of projects that are envisioned, initiated, monitored or funded by any of the following groups: the Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC) , Academic Technology Advisory Board (ATAB), CIO or Texas A&M System Administration.

Where to Start

Note sure what it is you are looking for or even where to start? Check out the Getting a Project Started  page for more information on where to find what you need to start a project and more. Still have questions? For more information or questions, please contact the PMO directly at PMO@tamusa.edu or call 210-784-1370.