Printing from a personal device at Texas A&M-San Antonio

Have you ever needed to print a homework assignment or an important briefing but you are not near a campus device? If you have a copy of that assignment or briefing on your personal computer, mobile device or tablet, and can access your University email, you are in luck!

ITS is happy to announce a new method available to you TODAY for printing documents from your personal device. Once processed, your document will be ready for you to swipe, print, and pickup so that you are not late to class or miss that important meeting.

Texas A&M – San Antonio mobile PawPrint does not require print drivers or any applications to be downloaded. All you need is the ability to send e-mail from your University account. Print jobs can be easily sent from all versions and flavors of Windows®, Mac, and Linux. It’s that simple. If you have a document that you need to print, simply attach it to the email and send to .

Try it out today and start printing when and where you want to!

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