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Welcome to Proyecto Éxito (Project Success) at Texas A&M University - San Antonio! This grant, generously awarded by the U.S. Department of Education, is dedicated to elevating your graduate studies experience. We are here to empower you, our graduate students, with intentional support services, tailored programming, and valuable resources that pave the way for your success. Our commitment to your journey includes specialized career services and development opportunities, personalized advising to guide your academic path, and access to a dedicated study space located in BLH #312 called "El Centro." Through Proyecto Éxito, we are proud to champion culturally responsive curriculum implementation, ensuring that your educational experience is enriched with diverse perspectives and inclusive excellence. Join us in this transformative endeavor as we work together to create an environment that empowers you to thrive, excel, and reach new heights.


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El Centro Services

At Texas A&M University-San Antonio, Proyecto Éxito is your partner in graduate student success. Our services are designed to simplify your academic journey. Explore "El Centro," a dedicated academic hub for study and collaboration. Access textbooks, professional development materials, and technology resources from our lending library and loaner laptop program. Plus, our tutoring support program offers one-on-one, group tutoring, and drop-in sessions to help you excel in coursework. At El Centro (BLH #312), you can always find our staff for any needs you may have, including advising and career development. We're here to enhance your graduate student experience and prepare you for future career opportunities. 

For more information about El Centro, please contact:

 Alberto S.

 Alberto Soliz
 Associate Director of Proyecto Exito
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At Texas A&M University - San Antonio, we are dedicated to guiding students towards obtaining a master's degree that will propel them towards impactful and prosperous careers. With the invaluable support of Proyecto Éxito and the Graduate Student Navigator, we provide a range of essential services specifically for our graduate students. Our services encompass: 

  • Academic Guidance: Access comprehensive information about major requirements and crucial deadlines that are pivotal to your academic journey. 
  • Progress Tracking: Monitor and manage your academic progress to ensure that you are on the path to success
  • Faculty Advisor Liaison: Obtain assistance in initiating contact with faculty advisors, allowing for productive and supportive academic relationships. 
  • Graduation Certification: Receive guidance on the certification process required for graduation, ensuring a seamless transition from student to degree-holder.
  • Thesis and Dissertation Support: Assistance with navigating the thesis and dissertation process by referring students to the appropriate resources. 


For more information about Advising, please contact: 

 Proyecto Exito Logo

 Catherine Carreon
 Graduate Student Navigator


Career Development

At Texas A&M University - San Antonio, we value our student's career and professional development, and we are dedicated to providing services to help graduate students succeed. Our services include professional development workshops, career fair and networking events, and career advising appointments (both in-person and virtual). During a career advising appointment, you may explore careers through job searches and internships, receive guidance on building your resume/CV and cover letter, develop your interview skills, and more. We also offer professional headshots, volunteer opportunities, and free professional attire through our on-campus Career Closet. Please visit us at the Mays Center for more information on how we can help you with your career development.

For more information about career development, please contact:

 Cheyenne H

 Cheyenne Hayes
 Assistant Director of Graduate Career Development & Career Closet Manager
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Professional Development

Proyecto Èxito offers professional development workshop and opportunities for graduate students and faculty/staff. All professional development offered supports student success for graduate students.
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