Welcome to the Department of Language, Literature, and Arts! We invite you to learn more about all the exciting ways the department works with students throughout their journey at Texas A&M-San Antonio. We are a multidisciplinary department offering undergraduate degrees (BA and minor) in English and Spanish, a graduate degree in English, as well as course offerings in Art and Music. The department administers the Writing Center, the Writing Across the Curriculum Program, and the First-Year Composition Program. We also contribute to the university’s Core Curriculum, interdisciplinary minors, and teacher certification programs.

Our faculty are deeply invested in working with students across the curriculum. We value engaging students in research and enjoy sharing our own research, scholarship, and creative works. Our faculty engage in cutting-edge scholarly and artistic work that contributes to the expanding fields of knowledge in the humanities and arts.

We foster connection with the community—here at A&M-SA, locally within San Antonio, and beyond. We prepare students to apply their growing knowledge across multiple contexts and our programs are designed to give students wide ranging opportunities.  Our graduates pursue careers in law, the tech industry, public administration, and state department work; they teach at high schools and community colleges, and work in community organizing.  Many continue with their education by pursuing graduate degrees.

We encourage you to explore our programs through our website and in person.

Ann V. Bliss, Department Chair

Mission Statement

The Department of Language, Literature, and Arts fosters students’ critical engagement with and production of linguistic, visual, and musical works. Faculty facilitate this engagement through anti-racist and de-colonial pedagogies that support interdisciplinary teaching and experiential learning to develop students’ translingual and transcultural literacies. These pedagogies align with curricular and co-curricular programs that build reciprocal relationships with our community. These relationships prepare students to apply their knowledge in public and professional contexts to effect positive social change in and beyond South Texas. Through this work, we support students as they move forward into a range of rewarding careers, including those as educators responsive to our region.


The Department of Language, Literature, and Arts is a campus leader in addressing issues of social justice and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. We empower students to value the cultural, linguistic, artistic, and literary traditions of our communities, while also introducing them to new ideas. We accomplish these goals by building sustainable and reciprocal collaborations with each other and community partners. We strive to foster student-centered classrooms that resist hegemonic structures of power through culturally responsive pedagogy. We work among ourselves to create a peaceful yet active department that enacts a coalitional model of self-governance rooted in transparency and dialogue that honors both the individual and the collective.